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Slidofold 50

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Slidofold 50 is a stable, frameless folding system with the latest structure design as a balcony glazing system.

Sildofold 50 comes with a zero impact appearance on overall architecture of the space. Each panel can be packed individually to the left or right or, for  larger glazed units, even divided on both sides. It comes with a compensation profile to adjust the gap between top tracks and the ceiling.

The bottom track comes with a option of embedded track-flush type and normal bottom track above the floor  level.

Glass options:
Slidofold 50 comes with two glass options-10mm and 12mm.

The maximum width of the glass panel can be 850 mm and the maximum height can be 2800mm.

Safety features:
Slidofold 50 comes with special safety assist component to avoild glass  panels from falling when they are turned to be stack on the side. It  moves smoothly even through the opening hole, which ensures firm  hold of rollers passing through the  opening hole.

The strong big bearing wheels with  S304 shaft facilitates strong support  from top track to slide smoothly and  can hold upto 100 kgs of weight for each panel.

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