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SLIDOFOLD 45 is a balcony glazing system, which can be used in various balcony configurations and orientation as per the requirements. The robust build of SLIDOFOLD 45 makes the system almost maintenance free as the track is 3mm thick and can take load of upto 50 KG per panel so that rollers function smoothly irrespective of the load.

State of the art mechanism makes sure it is easy for anyone touse. The panels can be turned to 90 degree for corner parking if needed.

Glass options:
SLIDOFOLD 45 can be used with 8mm tempered glass as well as laminated glass.

The maximum width of the glass panel can be 600 mm and the maximum height can be 2200mm.

Nylon protection caps on glass  profiles have been provided to avoid  injury to the user while using the system. The nylon protection caps with male and female connection ensures better sealing between the  panels.

Big bearing wheels with SS304 shaft facilitates strong support from top track to slide smoothly.

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