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NIUFOLD wall offers surprising soundproofing qualities,
you can hardly tell when both rooms are in use at the same time.

NIUFOLD offers a modern and efficient solution for flexible space division with its trackless design, automated seals, and reliable acoustic performance.

Trackless Design

Niufold does not require any floor or wall tracks, ensuring a clean and seamless appearance without visual distractions.

Internal Vertical Seals

The vertical seals are located internally and activate automatically against the fixed walls when Niufold is fully extended and closed.

Retractable Side Seals

The side seals automatically retract before the wall is raised, further protecting the seals and maintaining a pristine finish.

Automated Seals

The automated seals of Niufold activate automatically against fixed walls when fully extended, eliminating the need for manual adjustment and preventing marks or damage.

Rub-free Operation

The design ensures that the seals never rub against the fixed walls, preventing any marks or damage to the surfaces.

Pliable and Acoustic Sealing

The pliable seals allow for proper acoustic sealing against most surfaces, ensuring effective sound insulation and privacy.

Durable and Maintenance-Free

Niufold’s fully automated operation eliminates manual handling and reduces seal degradation commonly observed in traditional operable walls, ensuring long-term functionality.

Seamless Integration

Niufold seamlessly integrates into existing architecture, preserving the original design and enhancing the overall aesthetics of the space.

Aesthetic Appeal

The absence of tracks, sills, hinges, and other hardware results in a visually pleasing and uninterrupted space with crisp sightlines.

High Acoustical Rating

The Niufold wall system provides a high acoustical rating upto 62dB, ensuring that the flexible space functions as originally intended, maintaining privacy and minimizing sound transfer.

Longevity and Acoustic Performance

By utilizing automated seals and avoiding manual manipulation, Niufold ensures that its wall system functions acoustically as intended over its service life.

Collapsible Wall Aesthetic Enhancement

Incorporating flush lights into the base of collapsible walls to create a visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing look.

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