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In recent years, the issue of dividing a room has been the main discussion point by many people. With many strict tests, Glazofold Sliding &  Folding Wall System – Patch Fitting Type gives a sheer quality and a solution for people who are looking  for a clear and transparent vision  with a minimum parking space.

It is applicable to many locations such as Convention Centers, Retail and all shop fronts, Restaurants, Commercial and Domestic rooms division use. We especially focus on “the comfort”  when operating the system.

With this system you don’t need to install a bottom track or guide, as it requires minimal effort to fold/retact the glass panels via the top track only.

The concealed bearing design of the hinge does not allow any dirt or foreign objects in, allowing for a  smooth and effortless operating system.

Specification for ZGF system (per panel) 

Maximum Width – 800mm
Maximum Height – 3 meters
Maximum Weight – 70 kgs
Glass Thickness – 10mm to 12mm

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